Based in the west of Austria at the border to Switzerland, ALGE-TIMING is an internationally renowned company specialized in electronic time measuring for many years now.

Brief history:

1946 ALGE is founded as a radioshop by Josef Alge

1970 Alwin Hale starts to work at the company as authorized officer

1976 Josef Alge retires, his son Günther Alge and daughter Gerda Vetter-Alge take charge of the company. Both have been in key positions since the 1960s.

1995 Josef Alge dies in September

1997 Günther Alge retires (died in 2013)

1998 Gerda Vetter retires

1998 Their sons Albert Vetter and Ing. Wolfgang Alge take charge of ALGE – TIMING as equally entitled partners

1998 The name of the company is changed to ALGE – TIMING

1999 Alwin Hale retires

2008 Alge-Timing GmbH & Co KG is renamed as Alge-Timing GmbH