Additional services

We are providing additional services in order to make your race more attractive and to deliver high quality race from a technical point of view as follows:



Alge timing clock with digit size 15.2×10cm is installed at the start/finish line, control point (for the purpose of lap time) or simply on a moving vehicle in front of the first competitor.

Number dimensions enable visibility from 100 meters and are built in such a way that the sunlight does not decrease their visibility.



Champstat Timing will provide race numbers, including design and press. In case of such request, we can prepare packages before race, which include race numbers with chip in the same bag and arrange them in the desired order (ascending/descending).

– Our race numbers are made of Tyvek® by DuPont, a paper with strong resistance to sunlight and rain

– Race numbers can be printed in blue, red or black

– Desired text or logo is placed on race number

– Maximum race number size is 22×22cm (they come in smaller sizes, too)



Over the years, we were able to observe that the competitors are happy to receive chip with race or sponsor logo printed on it. The chip is used by runners as a souvenir from the race and you can use it for race promotion.

Labels can have a race organizer´s logo (sponsor´s logo) or the name of competition solely. They can be printed in colour and are resistant in any weather conditions. They are even water resistant so they can be used at swimming competitions!



In order to make a referee´s decision easier – due to competitors’ protest about passing the finish line – we can offer you a video solution. Cameras are mainly positioned at the finish line, but they can be placed on any part of the track to record activities during competition.

Video recordings in a raw video format are available to event organizer for further analysis.

5.Live results


6.Bibtag systems

Timing at a race is a challenging task. The MYLAPS BibTag System is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user-friendly for participants. It is the world’s only timing system with just a single tag attached to the bib number.

Main features of the BibTag System

  • Works for running, cycling and multisports events
  • Unlimited number of participants and split points
  • Modular mats can cover roads up to 16 meters wide
  • Works perfectly with our apps and services
  • The highest read-rates in the industry


7.Event APP


6 reasons why you should get your whitelabel EvenAPP –> see link

New Virtual Racing

Besides, we can offer you balloons in the start – finish zone, banners, etc.