Champstat Croatia provides race recording services by using photo finish cameras, whether it is athletics, cycling, horse racing, speed skating, skiing or car racing.

Race timing service is performed by using FinishLynx photo finish technology, whose systems have numerous references from the most prestigious sporting events in the world.

FinishLynx photo finish system meets the criteria for a Fully Automatic Timing System, defined by sports associations such as the IAAF, ISU, UCI, USF and others.


Fully Automatic Timing System

FinishLynx automatic measuring system consists of a sensor for automatic start time readouts, photo finish camera and software tools used for time reading and printing.


The sensor is connected to the wireless transmitter from which the start time is automatically sent to the receiver attached to the computer for time reading. The start time is automatically loaded into the system with an accuracy to +/- 0.4 thousandths of a second.


Photo finish camera produces an image of crossing the finish line by recording a narrow area at the finish line at speed of up to 2000 times per second. Automatic merging of such images, each having its own time stamp, creates an impression of the competitors as they cross the finish line and allows precise results readouts to a thousandth of a second.


Timer controls timing system via computer. It also reads and prints results if necessary.


Photocell – Automatic stopping of scoreboard as competitors cross the finish line is enabled by setting a photocell at the finish line.

Scoreboard – We are able to set up a scoreboard to display race time at several points along the track.