ChampionChip Champstat Croatia offers the best of time measuring systems at sports events, race announcement and analysis, including race results. Our clients are individual, amateur and professional sports event organizers throughout the region as well as clubs, associations, and sports federations.

ChampionChip Champstat Croatia is organizing precise and reliable time measuring with our high quality MYLAPS measuring systems.



MYLAPS ChampionChip systems provide simple, precise and reliable timing solutions for your competitions. We offer you variety of business solutions making the system accessible for organization of competitions from professional to amateur levels.

Mylaps system includes hardware and software offering complete solution for a certain competition.

We can:

– collect data about race, including competitors identification and passing times

– build, print and publish official race results

Whereas most of the events include thousands of competitors we optimize system to bring costs to acceptable level.



ChampionChip / MYLAPS system is a collection of devices for collecting and processing race data. Operator creates data base based on competitors data given by the organizer and race results. Organizer defines start lists.

The systems is formed of electronic components which are designed and manufactured with NATO military specifications and function in toughest weather conditions and terrains.



Detection mat is component of ChampionChip system manufactured of extremely tough material and is used for collection of data from passing chip. They can be used literally on every level surface during competition.



ChampionChip / MYLAPS chips are basic part of time measurement system.

Despite complex level of technology which is used in ChampionChip / MYLAPS system chips do not need any special attention except of right placement and fixing. They are in function of environment protection because they can be completely recycled.



DigiBox is basic part for data processing on ChampionChip / MYLAPS systems. Beside from powering Detection Mats with electric energy it takes chip informations and further process the data.



This device is designed for collecting data on remote locations (for example on control point collecting passing times)



Main function of ChampionChip / MYLAPS ear is control of ChampionChip / MYLAPS controllers which are directly connected to the ear.